i am moving >>> heimarlou.blogspot.com

i can't find out how to use this little online home and realizing i would like to have one name for everything online, i figured the only good thing is moving back to the first online visual diary i had: heimarlou. i hope you follow me there. (i promise i'll update more)


so i write a thesis and no, that's not really fun - but there are ways to make it better:

  • choose pretty literature (or look trough / read pretty books when you're getting a bit distracted)
  • turn off wifi and/or block websites you easily get distracted by. this google chrome plug-in is great and yes - i can tell you it makes you feel like a big loser if you don't manage to not watch your favorite websites for an hour or two, three
  • go for walks in between
  • take some candy home from Ikea - or better, when you live in Scandinavia: go get yourself some fresh godis (and obviously: eat it when you have to write the hardest part or simply don't feel like getting anything done without candy)
  • plan things to look forward to, like a museum visit and walk through a pretty city on a sunny day - i promise you you'll get way more done the day before (and hopefully after)
  • take your stuff outside as soon as you can - analyzing articles is way more fun in the sun
  • don't stop updating your instagram, because one day it will be fun to look back on how boring life was (and how fun you tried to make it look anyhow) ---- (hopefully) (i'm trying my best)
  • watch this pretty video (that you mostly likely already have seen, but if not, watch it)
  • watch a stupid/fun movie, like this or this or this one
  • write write write write write write - write as if there's nothing else to do or see or discover. because the more you write, the faster it all will be over / life will be fun again / you need to find another excuse to watch stupid/fun movies or eat candy.


good things on a monday

1. penguins / photobombing. always.

2. a whole tumblr page dedicated to beards and things that will (or won't) be stuck in it.

3. this video about Oslo.

4. two "new" iPhone-apps i discovered: ROOM for thought, which is an app that randomly tells you to take a picture NOW - once a day. when it says so, you only have 3 seconds to point at something and take a picture. also, no "fake fun"! and the Gratitude Journal, which makes you write down and remember the good things about the days. (i just hope they update it for ios7 soon)

5. a huge list of the 50 (!) best chickflicks, according to Annemerel. i can't wait to watch the ones i haven't seen yet.

  what have made you smile lately?